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Biotech Policy

Biotechnology Policy has been framed to promote orderly growth of the biotechnology industry in the State to make it globally competitive. The policy aims at providing adequate infrastructure, especially in the form of biotechnology parks as well as developing research base to serve the needs of the sector. The objectives of the policy are to:-

Provide to the farmers the better, high-yielding, drought and pest-resistant crops suited to the agro-climatic conditions of the State;
Develop affordable and more cost-effective drugs and devices to counter diseases;
Develop cheaper and effective technologies to purify water sources and to deal with industrial effluents and urban wastes, etc.;
Improve the livestock in the State in order to increase the earning capacity in rural areas;
Improve the marine stock to improve the productivity of the fishing industry;
Enhance the value and utility of medicinal plants and traditional systems of medicine by developing new products with global potential;
Develop and promote utilisation of animal diagnostics and vaccines;
Augment feed and fodder availability and processing;
Improve the overall nutritional security in the State;
Improve the quality of life through better health and better environment.
This has been achieved by
Establishment of Maharashtra Biotechnology Board and Maharashtra Biotechnology Commission
Setting up of a special Biotechnology Development Fund
Creation of biotech parks and biotech resource centre
Fiscal incentives including stamp duty and electricity duty exemptions and other incentives available to IT units
Establishment of Grape Processing Industry Board
Creation of wine institute and wine parks at Nashik/Sangli
Excise exemptions and other fiscal benefits